Simply Love

About Us

Simply Love was created by AznPinky124.She made yukirasuki as the mod since that is her best friend in crunchyroll.We both love to make graphic so we made this group as a graphic group.AznPinky124 though about making a love group becuase she want to teach everyone that is doesn't really matter if you dont love yourself it only matter if you love the people around you.Even if you dont love yourself the people around you must love you.So AznPinky124 though of making the love really simply becuase getting love is really easy so she made it called Simply Love.Well Simply Love doesn't really had to do with graphic but if you use common sense the love is to share all the ability you had and share with everyone els.As you know, AznPinky124 made yukirasuki as her assienitist becuase she also want yukirasuki to share her ability with everyone els.Our dream is to make everyone of you to make your special abiltily come true to share and to love.That is what Simply Love is all about.


 Please Follow These Important Rulese:

-No Spamming[Only Spam In The Spamming Section]

-Please Be Active[Please Be Active As You Can]

-No Bad Words[Please Use Nice Words]

-Don't Steal[Please Don't Steal Any Of Our Stuffs]

-Have Fun

We Offer

-Avatar Request

-Banner Request

-Icon Request

-Manga Coloring

-Matching Avatar(For Mods Only)

-Render Request(Coming Soon)

-Userbar Request

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